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Methodology :: BPO
Business Process Outsourcing is not just a quick fix, but should be an integral part of a long-term strategy. To start and sustain long term we study and understand you i.e. your company profile and operations, we synergize our mindset and operational process with yours, we set out to understand your goals and objectives from the beginning, so that we exceed expectations through the life of the relationship.

For each BPO project, we follow a defined methodology (which is flexible as per the client) to manage process migration and transition management. This transfer of process and management is designed to ensure process and database integrity.

The methodology describes four stages in the transition process, As shown in the diagram below and the objectives, activities, skills and responsibilities at each stage are different.


Key Activities Location Timeline Responsibility
1. Pre Analysis -Undersatnd Client Business
-Indentify outsource opportunity
-Assess Requirements
-Review Environment
-Confirm Viability
Offshore 1-2 Weeks -Client functional managers
-Om Outsource Process BPO specialists
2. Analysis -Gather Documentation
-Identify solution and costing
-Confirm and validate with clients
-Prepare process implementation plan
Offshore-Onsite 1-2 Weeks -Client functional managers
-Om Outsource Process analysis team
3. Transition Management -Adapt process plan
-Emulate client process
-Document operating plan
-Confirm performance requirements
-Customer Acceptance
Offshore-Onsite 2 - 3 Weeks -Client functional managers
-Om Outsource Process transition team
4. Ongoing Operation -Operation accepts service responsibility
-Quality plan put into effect
SLA acceptance
Offshore Ongoing engagement -Client operations team
-Om Outsource Process service delivery head

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