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Methodology :: IT Outsourcing
Om Outsource Process begins all IT application development projects by extensively interacting with the client to understand exactly the client's requirement, desires, budget and people. Determines the scope and requirements of the project while providing technology advice, and business process analysis.

Rapid prototyping of a sample solution for further review by the client before full-scale development begins. Based on the review, complete user requirements and functional specifications are derived.

After the deriving the specifications we give the client, deliverable schedules more transparent view of their projects Based on the functional specifications we start designing of database and application structure.

After designing we follow with Development which is interleaved with testing at the completion of individual modules. On completion of development we conduct overall application testing along with live testing for runtime errors (bugs are fixed).

After completion of testing we conduct implementation (either onsite or remote implementation through offsite location).

  Process followed for the above methodology
  Scope Agreement
  Key Personnel Identification
  Onsite Knowledge Acquisition
  Offsite Knowledge Transition
  Offsite Infrastructure Setup
  Project Plan Signoff
  Offsite Team Formation
  Offsite Team Training
  Offsite Project Execution
  Offsite/onsite implementation

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