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Business Process Outsourcing
Business process outsourcing is about more than simply cutting costs. It's about increasing business value for the company. We have the capacity to set up dedicated back office using our experienced and energetic team to fulfill requirements including data processing and customer help desks etc.

For manpower-intensive processes the off-shore option is now the most cost-effective one, and Globalisation brings some very exciting and commercially attractive propositions. Om Outsource Process comes along with these competitive advantages for its clients.

The processes we can offer include:
Finance and Accounting
Human Resources
Database Management (Data entry and digitization)

We believe that process automation & tools will help and encourage project teams in developing a quality product. For this reason we are using a suite of in-house developed quality management tools, which includes.

The processes we can offer include:
Project Management System
Time sheet Management System

These tools are available to the development team and Management through our intranet product.

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