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Business Process Outsourcing :: Human Resources
Corporates and SMI's today realize that employees are the back-bone of the enterprise and hence it is imperative that employee processes, especially those impacting employee relations and employee satisfaction need to be managed well. We provide a comprehensive suite of HR Processing services mentioned below:

Payroll services
Receipt and analysis of payroll data
Reporting and payment of payroll taxes
Issuing payments (via check or electronic payment) and reports to employees
Issuing payments to third parties (for example, employee IRAs) and reporting of data to end user
Personnel administration
Complete Employee Details
Employee relations
Employee life cycle
Employee communication
Relocation & Leave tracking
Hiring and Recruitment
Hiring need identification
Job profiling & specifications
Selection process administration
Compensation processing
Education and Training
Training needs identification
Training administration
Specialized training requirements
Marketing & Sales
Database Development
Market Research
Marketing communication
Tax processing (as per respective country norms)
Document conversion and management
Payment services such as credit and check processing

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