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Om Outsource Process application development team addresses the continued advances in technology and increased expectations of the business community. Our knowledge of best practices, technology and thorough analytical methods assessing the technological possibilities enables us to solve complex problems.

End-to-end design and development using various development platforms, including Oracle, Java, Microsoft, Lotus Notes, etc as well as portal development are offered on a turnkey basis. Our team has experience in various application/web servers including Internet Information Server, iPlanet Server, BEA WebLogic and Oracle 9iAS.

Om Outsource Process offers solutions that are enterprise-oriented and address the customer's specific business requirements. The company offers solutions on leading internet/web technologies to customers worldwide for integration of their internal and external business functions through a common platform. Several exciting e-business initiatives have been developed and successfully deployed by Om Outsource Process.

Our application development services include:
E-business solutions including enterprise application integration and supply chain integration
Multi-tier Client/Server implementation of Intranets & Extranets including market places, portals and workflow based component models
E-business tool development
Web-enabling of legacy systems
Data Interchange Using XML Data Transfer
Product development
Customized development

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