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Database Design and Development - Om Outsource Process observes database design as a critical portion so as to ensure the design will deliver the necessary performance for the software and that information output requirements will all be met. On completion of design, physical development of the database (s), as well as all referential relationships between all the data tables within the database is done.

Database Testing - whether the client has used Om Outsource Process or not, database testing is another significant service offering from Om Outsource Process. Om Outsource Process offers these services directly to clients or even to Systems Integrators that develop software for their clients. It is always useful to have an independent secondary check from a third party to do the final database testing.

Database support and monitoring services -
Om Outsource Process can provide these services on a time and materials basis, regardless of whether Om Outsource Process had designed and developed the application. Om Outsource Process can remotely monitor the database and send reports to the required people at the client site.

Database Migration services - If clients need to change underlying database technologies, Om Outsource Process is able to undertake the total migration from design to data. Migration involves porting of application from an existing system to a target system.

Typical migration methodology involves:
Conversion system

The above DBA services are offered on the following platforms:
Open source databases, such as MYSQL
Microsoft SQL Server

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